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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


On Sunday I ventured to the Royal Melbourne Show to do a review for threethousand.com.au The Polaroid camera got a workout that day!

Dagwood dogs dripping with dead 'orse, hot chips, fairy floss in buckets, ghost trains with that don't-talk-to-strangers kind of feeling, mullets, winny reds and skinny jeans, wood chopping and pig diving, whingeing scally wags, spending an entire year's worth of pocket money on showbags. Cooee it can only mean one thing, the Royal Melbourne Show has rolled into town for it's 154th year, giving us slickers a taste of the rool Australia.

But is the Big Pie still casting a watchful dog's eye over the crowds? To my relief it's still there, in all its piping-hot, pastry glory. Not much has changed from when I was a young bubba with Humphrey showbag in hand, squealing to avoid a traumatic ride on the baby Ferris Wheel, although this time Humphrey was updated with the $10 Gag Magic bag.

All the classic rides are still there - with gaudy airbrush art to rival Howard Arkley's 'Nick Cave' and updated names like 'Freestyle', 'Breakdance' and the Euro-less 'EuroSlide'. But let's face it, Showbags are the real reason we catch the special train from North Melbourne every September. In the words of Russell Gilbert "I WANT A BER
 Review here - http://www.threethousand.com.au/stray/the-royal-melbourne-show/


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