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Thursday, April 30, 2009

WIN! Eamo Esky Pack on Threethousand...

A nice little write up for the Esky Pack giveaway on ThreeThousand this week! Get in quick for the chance to WIN! http://www.threethousand.com.au/issues/203/
Eamo is Australian down to the dead centre. He loves Bubble O Bills and Red Rooster. His illustrations embody Australiania from the ‘80s and forge an identity that is everything your fathers wanted you to grow up as: someone who loves footy, surfing, Toohey's, and the BBQ. But the best thing is that the true Eamo hated athletics day and is an artist - exactly what every bogan father dreads. You've probably seen his work already, whether it was for Golden Plains, Red Bull Music Academy, or Playboy (you perv). Eamo's illustrations pretty much evoke your childhood from Expo '88 onwards, and he has an online milkbar shop where you can buy your memories back. On a clock, for instance. Or onmagnetswalletsprints, and stubby holders. But don't delay. Everything in the milkbar is disappearing faster than an Icypole down Marty Monster's pants at a BMX rally. We have a deluxe Eamo esky pack to give away! To enter, just answer the following question:

This week's question:
Marty Monster was

a)    Always second best in a kangaroo fight 
b)    The Mr Hyde to Martin Sheen's Dr Jekkyl
c)    Not Darryl Cotton's friend in real life
d)    At The Prince last Friday I think

Send your answer, name and mailing address to win@threethousand.com.au. Winners will be notified by email. Subscriber-only entry! Not a subscriber? Oh nooooes! Sign up herehttp://www.threethousand.com.au/issues/203/


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