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Thursday, January 22, 2009


I have never really explained my polaroid obsession before. It's really quite simple, i've used 35mm SLR, Digital SLR, shitty Digital, Holga, Diana, Slide's but none of these formats ever stole my photography (he)art like the Polaroid did. A few years back well before I found out the devastating news that film production would cease at the end of 09, I visited Pearl and Alf Donnelly, my Grandparents. Asked Grandma if she still had that old Polaroid in the cupboard from when I was a kid. Of course she did - the Donnelly's never throw anything out! Since then i've probably taken 700 + polaroids, which has eaten a nice hole in the old back pocket but has been worth every penny. Pearl didn't recognize her camera after i'd covered it with Advance Australia, I love Melbourne stickers, a custom tripod super glued block of wood on the bottom, and various cellophane filters blue tacked on when needed for some extra yellow haze, her words "i didn't even know you could still get film for it?"

♥ the way it can be so unpredictable (like most photography formats) but sometimes a batch will turn out super warm, others cold, colours can be saturated or bland, and depth of field rarely exists. The white framing, the square print area, add to that the instant quality of it and the vintage / retro history of the format and it's you beaut bloody bonza - the Polaroid is Tops! And it is film, which is of major importance. If anything I think the announcement of film production has reignited the love of Polaroid across the globe, and fingers crossed, it will hopefully make some fat cat buy the rights to reproduce the Sun 600 film, or Polaroid will backflip on their decision. This little aussie battler has his fingers crossed and is going to eat all his peas.

Michael Pham over at Lifelounge mag emailed me this beautiful advert from the Polaroid archive on youtube this arvo. If only I could have got my hands on an SX-70 and some film. This vid made my day. Thanks mate!


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